Beard Oil

Beard care starter kit

Beard Care Starter Kit


Get our beard care starter kit and save some money! This kit comes with the following: 1 Oil (1oz) 1 Oil Dropper Bottle Topper 1 Beard Balm (2oz) 1 Beard Wash (4oz) 1 Handmade Sandalwood Comb Use the selector by the order button to select the scent you'd like your beard care starter kit to come in.  Read more about each scent below. Citrus Fi...

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Beard Oil Sampler Pack - 5 Count

Beard Oil Sampler Pack - 5 Count


Our Artius Man Beard Oil Sampler Packs are great for: Travel Testing New Varieties A Night Out These compact but generous 5ml portions give you ample beard oil for your beard over a long period of time.  So whether you're on the road and want to carry a few scents with you or you're headed for a night out and want to refresh the beard without ...

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Beard Oil Sampler: 10 Pack

Beard Oil Sampler: 10 Pack


This is our 10 pack beard oil sampler kit!  Having a hard time deciding which beard oils you love the most?  Try 10 different ones for one low price!   Maybe you're taking a trip?  Instead of carrying large 1 oz. bottles of your favorite beard oil, carry a small 5 ml bottle with you instead.   Looking for the perfect give for an awesome bearded...

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spicy citrus beard oil

Citrus Fire: A Unique Citrus Beard Oil Blend


The Citrus Fire Beard Oil Experience… This citrus beard oil is a unique scent that you won’t find on any other citrus beard oil.  We take our elegant base blend and combine a unique blend of natural essential oils to create something truly off the map. Unlike most types of spiced citrus beard oil blends on the market that have an overdone emphas...

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refreshing beard oil with hint of pine and mint

Mountain Air: A Refreshing Pine Beard Oil


Mountain Air Beard Oil Our mountain air beard oil has a unique scent.  This manly blend has an outdoors scent with a fresh burst of pine and finishes with a quiet touch of mint. We combine our top-notch base blend with 4 intoxicating natural essential oils for a beard oil that will remind you of being in the crisp mountain air. Patchouli & c...

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sandalwood beard oil

Classic Gentleman: Deluxe Sandalwood Beard Oil


The Perfect Sandalwood Beard Oil Classic Gentleman is a luxurious blend of beard oil.  We use our top-notch base formula and we carefully cut  just the right amount of 100% natural therapeutic grade Sandalwood essential oil into it. Most brands on the market use Sandalwood fragrance oil because it allows them to save a lot of money.  However, th...

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Coffee Beard Oil

Black Coffee Beard Oil


Our Black Coffee Beard Oil is created with natural and organic ingredients and has an aroma bursting with the scent of a strong cup of coffee. If you love coffee you'll love this coffee beard oil.  Your beard will be filled with the pleasant aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Scented with all natural scents derived from coffee oil - we nev...

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citrus spice beard oil

Citrus Spice Beard Oil


Here is our traditional Citrus Spice Beard Oil.  This is a combo of our top selling unscented beard oil and then we blend natural Cinnamon, Clove, and a variety of citrus essential oils together to make the ultimate spicy beard oil with a touch of sweetness from the citrus. Get a 1 oz. bottle of our awesome Citrus Spice Beard Oil now. Other Grea...

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beard oil pine wood spruce sage

The Logger Beard Oil


Our Logger Beard Oil is an amazing blend of spruce and sage which creates fresh, woodsy, outdoors scent much like you'd experience on a high altitude forested hike surrounded by large, tall and thick pine trees. This pleasant scent will linger in your beard all day and remind you of the freedom of the hike. Scent: Spruce, clary sage, woodsy, for...

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beard oil anise cinnamon clove

Midnight Ride Beard Oil


Our Midnight Ride Beard Oil is an unforgettable scent.  It smells like spicy black licorice and has a lustful aroma that will bring any black licorice lover to their knees. This scent is definitely one of a kind and one you really need to experience for yourself to get the full experience. Scent: Black Licorice meets spice! 1 fl oz Other Great T...

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IPA Beard Oil Hops

IPA Hops Beard Oil


This little gem is our hops beard oil that we simply call "IPA." It was our love for craft beer pushed us to create a beard oil that has the amazing scent of hops. We took our base formula and infused it with 100% all natural Hungarian Hops for a scent that is unforgettable.  If you love the smell of hops or simply crafts beers, in general, this...

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beard oil smokey campfire

Campfire Beard Oil


Our Campfire Beard Oil comes packing a killer woody, Earthy aroma with smokey tones much like you'd experience around a campfire.  Inspired by a love for the outdoors and camping this is perfect for the outdoorsman that thrives on the outdoor atmosphere. Scents: Woodsy, Earthy, Outdoors, Smokey 1 fl oz Other Great Things About Our Beard Oil Par...

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Wise Men Beard Oil

Wise Men Beard Oil


Our Wise Men Beard Oil is created with natural and organic ingredients and has a calming "old world" spice scent. The Wise Men is scented with all natural, 100% pure, frankincense and myrrh essential oils (we never use horrible fragrance oils here).  This oil has a earthy uplifting aroma that will linger in your beard for hours.  1 fl oz Other G...

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spiced latte beard oil

Spiced Latte Beard Oil


This is our Limited Edition Spiced Latte Beard Oil.  Place your order soon, supplies are LIMITED!  This is a Coffee Lover's Dream! Scent:  With the warm aroma of fresh coffee, various spices and top notes of creamy vanilla this beard oil will please all of those who love coffee or vanilla lattes.   Portion: 1 oz. Other Great Things About Our Bea...

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organic unscented beard oil

Classic Unscented Beard Oil


Never Suffer From Itchy, Irritated, Dry Beard AgainArtius Man’s Classic Unscented Beard Oil is the best beard oil your money can buy and we back that up with our Gentlemen’s Agreement.Here’s why, once you try us, you’ll never leave: Our blend of beard oil contains top notch ingredients that many other’s leave out.  We have infused castor oil, jo...

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Spice Beard Oil

Autumn Spice Beard Oil


This seasonal oil is inspired by the smell of the kitchen in late October and November. Hints of ginger and spice fill this beard oil. Other Great Things About Our Beard Oil Paraben Free All Natural Scenting - No Cheap Fragrance Oils! Cruelty-Free: Never Tested On Animals Made With Natural & Organic Ingredients Thicker Than Most Oils On The...

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This is our collection of our premium beard oil.

Our beard oils have gone through rigorous testing before being presented to the market.  

Our beard oils are ONLY stored in glass storage, away from sunlight and UV rays to preserve the integrity of our blends.  

Watch Our Quick Tutorial For How To Apply Beard Oil

Our F.A.Q About Beard Oil

What does a beard oil do?

It has several purposes.

  • It relieves itching
  • It relieves dryness
  • It relieves dandruff (beardruff) and further prevents it
  • It promotes a healthy beard
  • It helps soften the beard
  • It helps add some weight and style to the beard
  • It smells great

So if you’ve been asking or wondering why is beard oil good for the hair and skin, there you go! 

The above reasons are the main reasons why men want to use beard oil.

Where to get beard oil?

Our beard oil can be found in our online store and in a few offline shops.  Go add some to your cart above!

What does beard oil contain?

Ours contains several key organic and natural ingredients.

Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, butyrospermum parkii (Shea) seed oil, argana spinosa (argan) kernel oil, sclerocarya birrea (marula) seed & adansonia digitata (baobab) seed oil, tocopheryl (vitamin E) acetate, natural essential oils. *Certified Organic.

The various oils we use combine to make the perfect product that coats the beard thoroughly.

It consists of:

  • Castor Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Shea Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Marula Oil
  • Baobab Oil
  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • Natural Essential oils For Scenting

Each oil has a helpful function for beard, and skin care.

Our formula contains fewer than 2% argan oil!  This provides just enough awesome shine while still allowing the product to be fully absorbed into the hair and skin.

Other formulas on the market have a different set of ingredients, however, after extreme testing, this is the formula we love and that we’ve found that works best.  Hundreds of customers cannot be wrong.

Which beard oil should I buy?

Well, of course, we’re partial to our own.  We’ve spent hundreds of hours designing and testing before releasing.  Our beard oils have been testing by hundreds of bearded men and found to be top-notch.

If you do decide to buy beard oil from someone else just make sure that they are not overcharging you and more importantly make sure that their beard oil is without fragrance oil!  Fragrance oil is a cheap, nasty alternative to essential oils but they can be harmful to the skin while also causing itchiness and irritation!

We currently have several scents to choose from and finding the perfect one can be tricky sometimes.  The best thing you can do is choose one based on scents that you like.  You can also read feedback from other men as to what they like about each scent.

Certain beard oils like our Classic Gentleman Sandalwood blend have some additional properties that are great for the skin and beard.  I.e. Sandalwood is a natural disinfectant, deodorizer, and skin cleanser. 

If you’re still unsure, try the Mountain Air, it’s awesome.

When do I need beard oil?

If you’re growing a beard, now is the time to start using it.  Beard oil is helpful at any stage and it’s extremely helpful in the first couple of months of beard growth as well because that is usually when the worst itchiness can occur.  The beard oil will act to fight off the itch.

When do you apply beard oil?

Beard oil should be applied to a towel dried beard after a shower first thing in the morning.  Then, it should be reapplied before bed as well.  This will ensure that your beard is always conditioned, even while you’re sleeping.

Some men like to touch of their beard throughout the day as well.  If your beard is feeling dry on any giving day, apply small amount midday for a nice little boost.

Why is beard oil so expensive?

Some brands simply overcharge for the product.  Rarely, if ever, should a bottle of beard oil approach a high dollar amount.  Some of our blends like the Classic Gentleman Sandalwood Blend cost slightly more than our other blends simply because real Sandalwood is expensive.  If someone is selling Sandalwood Beard Oil cheap they are likely using fragrance oil (synthetic Sandalwood) or they are cutting in a very small amount.

Our beard oils are very moderately priced for the amount of work and effort that goes into creating each bottle.We delicately create each batch in small batches as it gets the best results and results in your beard oil always being fresh when you order it!

Some brands (especially drugstore, supermarket brands) will sit around on the shelves for months or even years before they get to your beard!  Yuck!

How long does beard oil last?

A 1 OZ. bottle of oil should last at least 2 months.  For most men a bottle of beard oil will last at least that long.  It all is subjective to the length of your beard.  If you have a super-long beard you’ll need to use more product per application.  If you have a short beard you’ll use far less.

Our formula is slightly thicker and longer lasting than most.

How much beard oil do I use?

To expand on our previous answer let me give you some simple guidelines.  Most men will need to use roughly a dime-sized amount wiped thoroughly through the beard.  However, a medium length beard might need a nickel sized amount and a really long beard might need a quarter sized amount or more.

Always put in less than you think you need and work your way up.  If your beard is starting to look greasy, you’re applying too much oil.  If your beard is always feeling dry still after application you’re not putting in enough product.