Beard Shampoo: Gentle Wash Collection

Autumn Spice Beard Wash - Artius Man

Autumn Spice Beard Wash


LIMITED: This seasonal beard wash is inspired by the smell of the kitchen in late October and November. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, tonka, and spice fill this amazing beard shampoo! Size:  1 OZ. or 4 OZ. Other Great Things About Our Autumn Spice Beard Wash  Paraben-Free All Natural Scenting - No Cheap Fragrance Oils! Cruelty-Free: Never Tested ...

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Bay Rum Beard Wash - Artius Man

Bay Rum Beard Wash


This is our version of Bay Rum Beard Wash.  This beard wash cleanses the beard thoroughly and is backed with the awesome scent of Bay Rum. We also do not use fragrance oil in this beard wash. We believe that fragrance oils are inferior to natural essential oils and will not use them in our formulas. Order a bottle of Artius Man Bay Rum Beard Was...

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Beard Care Starter Kit - Artius Man

Beard Care Starter Kit


Get our beard care starter kit and save some money! This kit comes with the following: 1 Oil (1oz) 1 Oil Dropper Bottle Topper 1 Beard Balm (2oz) 1 Beard Wash (4oz) 1 Handmade Sandalwood Comb Use the selector by the order button to select the scent you'd like your beard care starter kit to come in.  Read more about each scent below. Long Cut:...

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Black Coffee Beard Wash - Artius Man

Black Coffee Beard Wash


This is our matching black coffee beard wash to go with the oil and balm!   Scent: Black Coffee Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz.

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Campfire Beard Wash - Artius Man

Campfire Beard Wash


Our Campfire Beard Wash will leave your beard smelling like you've been out in a beautiful wooded area and around the campfire.  This smoky, woodsy formula is a crowd pleaser for the wooded outdoorsman. Scent: Earthy/Woodsy/Smoky Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz.

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Citrus Fire Beard Wash - Artius Man

Citrus Fire Beard Wash


The companion to our Citrus Fire Beard Oil is our Citrus Fire Beard Wash.  This wash is gentle and effective on your beard. Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz. bottle of this stellar beard shampoo.   If you like a blend of citrus, various spices, and a smooth mellow finish this is your go-to wash. Need Beard Washing Tips?

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Citrus Spice Beard Wash - Artius Man

Citrus Spice Beard Wash


This is our Citrus Spice Beard Shampoo.  You get a 4 oz or 1 oz bottle of our top-notch beard wash featuring our every popular Citrus Spice scent! 4 oz. will last you 2 months or more. Need Beard Washing Tips?

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Classic Gentleman: Sandalwood Beard Wash - Artius Man

Classic Gentleman: Sandalwood Beard Wash


This our classic Sandalwood Beard Shampoo called Classic Gentleman.  This is scented with all natural 100% therapeutic grade sandalwood and we never compromise!   Our 4 oz. bottles of The Classic Gentleman wash should last you well over 2-3 months and our 1 oz. bottles should last you 1- 1 1/2 months. You'll only need a small dime sized amount -...

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IPA Beard Wash - Artius Man

IPA Beard Wash


This is our IPA beard wash to match the oil!  This wash is gentle and effective on your beard. Scent: Fresh Hops, Light Citrus, Subtle Pine Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz. bottle of this stellar beard shampoo.

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Long Cut Beard Wash - Artius Man

Long Cut Beard Wash


This is our Long Cut Beard Wash.  This awesome beard wash smells amazing with a beautiful aroma of tobacco and a top note of wintergreen this one is sure to take your breath away! Comes in a 4 oz or 1 oz portion!  Select near the order button.

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Midnight Ride Beard Wash - Artius Man

Midnight Ride Beard Wash


Black licorice infused with spices of cinnamon and clove make this a sweet and spicy way to liven up your beard washing routine. Scent: Spicy Black Licorice Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz. bottle of this stellar beard shampoo.

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Mountain Air Beard Wash - Artius Man

Mountain Air Beard Wash


Our Mountain Air Beard Wash is infused with pine and spearmint for a stellar scent you'll never forget!  This refreshing scent will call out to your senses daily! Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz. bottle of this stellar beard shampoo.   Need Beard Washing Tips?

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Orange Grove Beard Wash - Artius Man

Orange Grove Beard Wash


Orange Grove Beard Wash is an Artius Man scent that is a blend of Cedarwood, Orange and a fragrant moss.  This scent will calmly lead you through pleasant smells of woodsy aromas and is topped with the final note of fresh citrus.   Size: 4 oz. or 1 oz.  Select at the right... Scent: Woodsy/Citrus

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Spiced Latte Beard Wash - Artius Man

Spiced Latte Beard Wash


This is our limited edition Spiced Latte beard wash to match the oil!  This wash is gentle and effective on your beard. Scent: Spiced Vanilla Latte Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz. bottle of this stellar beard shampoo.

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The Logger Beard Wash - Artius Man

The Logger Beard Wash


The Logger Beard Wash is a nice fresh, woodsy scented wash for your beard.  With the pleasant hint of clary sage and pine trees, you'll feel like you're in the forest! Scent: Pine/Earthy/Woodsy Select above from 4 oz. or 1 oz. bottle of this stellar beard shampoo.

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Tinderbox Beard Shampoo - Artius Man

Tinderbox Beard Shampoo


This awesome beard wash has the scent of all natural, fine tobacco and the sweet and subtle touch of vanilla.  Combined these scents have a sweet and smoky profile that will appease the tobacco/vanilla lover in you.  Use our beard shampoo 2-3 times per week to keep your beard looking and feeling better than ever! Get yours now! Scent: Tobacco an...

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Unscented Beard Wash - Artius Man

Unscented Beard Wash


Clean your beard with our manly, but elegant beard unscented beard wash for the everyday man. This is just like our top notch beard wash blends but simply unscented.  So if you want a scent free beard shampoo that hydrates and cleans perfectly -- this is the way to go. Get it in 4 oz. or 1 oz. sizes!

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Winter's Chill Beard Wash - Artius Man

Winter's Chill Beard Wash


This is our Winter's Chill Beard Wash. Our Winter’s Chill Beard Care line is packing the scent of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and a very light forest-like touch for a breathtaking scent that reminds us of winter amongst the frosty trees. This scent is perfect for the cold days and even awesome on those days where you have a stuffy nose and need some ...

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Our premium beard shampoo offers several great benefits for your skin and beard.

Fights Dandruff:  If you've had a beard for some time now you're probably aware that dandruff (beardruff) can occur.  Our beard shampoo collection is infused with extra oils that help to fight off dandruff while cleaning your beard.

Softens Beard: A soft beard is critical.  When using our beard shampoo in conjunction with our beard oil you'll notice your beard will visually look better and be softer to the touch.

Rehydrates the Beard: Our beard shampoo is infused good oils that help keep the beard hydrated and healthy.  A hydrated beard keeps the beard from becoming coarse and brittle.

Gently Cleanses: A good beard shampoo should gently wash the beard and not strip the beard of all the needed oils that help keep it healthy.  Our beard wash gently cleanses while containing oils that are good for the skin under the beard as well as the beard itself.

Additional Beard Wash F.A.Q.

What does beard shampoo do?

Beard shampoo gently cleanses the beard by removing debris but ultimately helps replenish oils that are naturally removed during the cleaning process.  This makes a beard shampoo a superior product to use versus shampoo for your scalp.

Shampoo for your scalp, especially heavily chemical loaded shampoos can cause damage to your beard and skin while also causing extra beard dryness.  You don’t want or need that!

Artius Man Beard Shampoo cleanses while replenishing the lost oils without the harsh chemicals many brands contain.

So, in short, it’s simply a blend of things that clean the beard but equally rehydrate the beard.  Our beard wash is naturally scented with essential oils and contains no harmful fragrance oil like many brands are using.

What is in beard shampoo?

Our formula contains several key ingredients for an awesome refreshing shampoo.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Potassium Hydroxide
  • Olive Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Guar Gum
  • Aloe Vera Juice Extract
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Shea Butter
  • Citric Acid
  • 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

In our formula you will find:


When to shampoo beard / how often shampoo beard?

So people often ask us when they should start using beard shampoo and how often.  Simple.  If you have facial hair it’s time to start using a beard shampoo.  It doesn’t matter if you have stubble, a small goatee, and a monster beard – it’s time to use!

As far as time frame goes, you should use beard shampoo every other day for 3-4 times total per week.  You do not need to use it daily as doing so could dry out the beard even more.  You want the oils to build up on your beard in between washes as this will help keep the beard fully hydrated and healthy.

Wash beard with shampoo or soap?

We’ve been asked a million times why not just use a regular shampoo or a soap.  The simplest reasons are because those types of products can dry out the beard and do more damage than it’s worth.

Our beard wash is formulated to work great on beards without the dryness and irritation of a normal shampoo.